CPD-Apply is now in read-only mode, in preparation for its closure on 31st March 2019.

Learners / applicants: Since March 2018 the funding of most CPD learning is managed locally by each CCG and Trust. If you have any questions about access to courses and funding, please contact your CCG or Trust’s Learning and Development Lead to discuss your options. If you have enquired locally but still have difficulty please contact Bill Douglas and we will try to point you to the right answer.

Trusts / CCGs: You can access records and reports until 31 March 2019, but can no longer add any new information. If your organisation would like to continue using CPD-Apply after that date, we can set up a new CPD-Apply system just for you and your local HEIs. This can include all your historic and current records if you wish. Please contact Bill Douglas for information.

Updated 1 Mar 2019

Welcome to CPD-Apply

Are you a healthcare employee in the North West, wanting to apply for a CPD/Post Qualification training module? Follow the Applications box on the right.

Or watch this video of how to apply first.

Please note:

  • GP Practice? Please select your CCG rather than NON-NHS as your Employer.
  • You will see all courses from North West Universities which are funded by Health Education North West.
  • CPD-Apply has your clinical CPD modules, NMP learning and Multi-Professional Support and Assessment of Learning in Practice (previously known as Preparation for Mentorship).
  • CPD-Apply does not process the Community Specialist Practitioner programme or the North West Advanced Practitioner programme.
  • Doctor or Dentist? Sorry, CPD-Apply doesn't process your training requirements.
  • For all NMP applications please ensure that you have read the additional information to be found at www.hecooperative.co.uk

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