CPD-Apply - Terms and Conditions
By proceeding to use the CPD-Apply system you are agreeing to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Use, which are summarised below.
  • General
    CPD-Apply is provided to you by Health Education England and its sub-contractor Midlands & Lancashire CSU. Its purposes are to allow NHS Trust/CCG employees to apply on-line for CPD/PQ modules at local HEIs and to allow Trusts and HEIs to process and monitor those applications on-line.
  • Privacy
    Please see our separate Privacy Statement.
  • Intellectual Property Rights
    The Intellectual Property Rights, including copyright, design rights and database rights, in the CPD-Apply system are variously owned by Health Education England, the Crown, Midlands & Lancashire CSU and other copyright owners as indicated.

    You must not copy or re-distribute or in any way alter the computer code which makes up the CPD-Apply system unless you have acquired in advance formal written permission from Midlands & Lancashire CSU.

    The database rights, including course catalogues and records submitted are variously owned by the HEIs concerned, the Trusts or other NHS organisations concerned, or Health Education England.

    You must not make any copies of the content or records stored within CPD-Apply without express prior written permission. Under no circumstances should individually identifiable data be copied to anyone not authorized to view it.

    The rules above do not extend to those materials whose Intellectual Property Rights are owned by the Crown, e.g. the NHS lozenge, or are owned by parties other than Health Education England or Midlands & Lancashire CSU. In such cases, you must acquire appropriate permissions before using those materials in any way other than browsing this web site.
To request permission to use materials on this site or if you have any questions or comments about these Terms and Conditions, please e-mail Midlands & Lancashire CSU at mlcsu.appsdev 'at' nhs.net

Last updated: 23rd September 2016

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